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Body Fat Percentage Calculator
Celebrity Diet Plans
Practical 'Weight-loss' Tips
The Santa Claus Diet

ABCs of Building Muscle
Basic Weightlifting Tips
How to develop a beer belly!
How to develop a six-pack!
Training Plans for Running Events

Confessions of an Ectomorph!*
Killer Lifestyles*
Reverse the Signs of Aging*
Should Men Shave Their Chest?

* Articles marked with an asterisk are still in process.

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Welcome to Sports Fitness!

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Don't waste your time in the gym.  Let us show you how to make the most of every workout We provide tips that will help you reach your fitness goals without drugs! We focus on maximizing muscle growth (and reducing fat) with minimal effort. We do this by prioritizing fitness activities based on their importance and effectiveness.
We'll never waste your time with fads or gimmicks that promise the world, but turn out to be un-healthy or dangerous.

Your fitness goals are as unique as you are; and they'll probably change as your interests change. No matter what your fitness goals are, the training principals are still the same; so if we work together, we can learn from each other and make our goals a reality.

I hope you learn to enjoy the training process as much as I have; and I hope each success gives you the confidence to set new goals and never stop challenging yourself!

Tony Gruber, CPA
Founder of

We hope you find our website useful. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or concerns.